Location Filming at Argrennan

rgrennan House creates a superb filming location for many forms of media - anything from feature-length movies and film-making to television dramas, documentaries and advertisements.  Fashion shoots are particularly interesting as the interior of the house and the gardens offer so much potential, colours and textures, old and new.

The house's exteriors and grounds provide an enchanting, dramatic backdrop for all varieties of location filming work including period settings, the 50 acre estate contains many attractive and unique features stunning wildlife and vividly coloured gardens, fallen straight out of oil paintings.

The house's interiors offer a wide variety of stunningly beautiful rooms, varied in style. We welcome all types of location work at Argrennan and our very reasonable fees are based on the level of disruption, areas and volume of space required as well as the time of year.  Telephone us on (UK+44) 01556 680204 for a friendly discussion of your individual requirements.